Veganism for Environmental Reasons

Human beings depend on their environment for survival. In fact, this planet is the only one known to support life in the entire universe because it has conditions that are just right when it comes to sustaining life. For example, earth has an atmosphere, water, fertile land, organic compounds that support life, and the right […]

Solid Health Reasons for Going Vegan

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) reports that about 15 million of the U.S. population is either vegetarian or vegan. Indeed movements such as those started by PETA have gained traction over the last few years, and celebrity endorsements have made it somewhat “cool” to be labeled vegan; but what are some of the health benefits […]

Fasting for health and other reasons

Fasting is consciously staying without food for a period owing to some reasons. Fasting is practiced by both religious and non-religious people. People start fasting for health and other reasons based on their expectations. Religious people use fasting to get closer to the Lord, whereas the non-religious people fast to reduce weight and to check […]

The psychology of overeating

Changing a deeply ingrained emotional response is both long and difficult. Real change happens in small steps. It’s a long term project. Allow yourself to change naturally, a step at a time. This way there is less risk of crashing back to old habits. The key to successful change is practice. In time, healthy eating […]

Charging energy and love into the food you prepare

One of the most obvious yet least acknowledged facts is that food prepared with love is better, is healthier, and is more delicious. As some sages say, love is the secret ingredient to make food wonderful and pleasing. There is increasing evidence that the intention with which food is cooked is as important as what […]

Your Brain on Food

In this site we will deal with food. Food combinations, food psychology, different food theories, and so much more. We’ll start with the basics this week, in this short video about how the food we eat affects our brains. For example, did you know that while the brain itself makes up a mere 2% of […]