Charging energy and love into the food you prepare

One of the most obvious yet least acknowledged facts is that food prepared with love is better, is healthier, and is more delicious. As some sages say, love is the secret ingredient to make food wonderful and pleasing. There is increasing evidence that the intention with which food is cooked is as important as what the food is made of and where it comes from.

But how is that so?

According to Gregg Braden, who is now a New York Times bestselling author, and who is internationally acclaimed as the first person to bridge science and spirituality, all people possess an electromagnetic field around the heart. That means whatever a person feels, and whatever their state of mind or emotions, those feelings diffuse to the surrounding. Therefore, the energy the food’s cook has will add a subtle energy to the food by the consciousness that the cook gives to the food during preparation.

The cook’s electromagnetic energy field has a tremendous influence on the food’s ‘prana’. (Prana is a subtle energy that runs through every living thing.) The energy field, or aura, is thought to extend to about 9 feet in every direction. This means that the food that the cook is handling is in his auric field. Therefore, the cook can make the food better by ‘adding love to the food’. He or she can add love to the food by thinking loving thoughts during the preparation of the dish.

What this shows is that a person’s emotions have a direct impact on the food they are preparing with their hands. For example, if a person is cooking pie from scratch, and has soothing music playing, and he is happy about the cooking because he knows he is going to share the pie with people he cares about, then that person is imparting positive energy into the food and into the cooking.

On the other hand, if a person is preparing a meal and is in a foul mood, and all he is thinking about is things that make him unhappy, then that is what he is imparting into the meal. That is precisely the reason why even if people will follow the same recipe when preparing a certain meal, the particular meals will taste different from each other: because the cooks were in different emotional places when they were preparing the meals.

There are people who report noting that restaurant meals taste different from home-prepared meals. The difference is in the awareness and love that the restaurant workers bring to their jobs. Many people who work in restaurants are underappreciated and underpaid. That will of course have a direct impact on the food they prepare.

Therefore, it is important for anyone to practice mindfulness while cooking. If a person enjoys the cooking process, it is likely that they will add love to the food without realizing it sometimes. This is not rocket science- just the intention to add love is enough. You’d rather eat something prepared with average ingredients but with love and devotion, than food prepared using exceptional ingredients but made in the midst of anger and indifference.

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